History and Mission


Founded in 1955 with the name Adega Cooperativa da Região do Moscatel de Setúbal, it began its activity in 1958.

The Adega Cooperativa de Palmela is one of the main centres of development of the Municipality that is markedly agricultural and where the vineyard and the wine have, for historical reasons, a fairly large importance. The main wine-growing area lies on the sandy plain that makes up a large part of the Municipality of Palmela.

The Adega Cooperativa de Palmela began its activity with 50 members and with a production that did not exceed 1.5 million litres. Nowadays, production exceeds 8 million litres, and the wine cellar has the capacity to reach 10 million, with 70% being Red Wines, 25% White Wines and 5% Moscatel Wines.

It currently has 300 members that have a combined area of 1000 hectares. A substantial part of its production is bottled via 5 automatic lines with a capacity of 10,000 bottles/hour. The Adega Cooperativa de Palmela has, over the years, been updating both its manufacturing and bottling technology, and is today a certified unit since June 2003, with the dedication and effort of its 50 employees.

In 2020, Adega de Palmela has obtained IFS Food (International Featured Standards) certification, a benchmark for quality and food safety developed by large commercial groups with the aim of improving procedures to the benefit of the customer and adding value to the final product.

It produces the brands: Adega de Palmela (Palmela D.O.C. Premium Reserve and Grand Reserve, red, white Moscatel Galego Roxo, Moscatel fortified wine Setúbal D.O.C. and Superior), Vale dos Barris (Regional Peninsula Setúbal white, red, rosé), Palma (Regional Peninsula Setúbal white, red), Villa Palma (exclusive HoReCa channel, Palmela D.O. C. white, red, rosé, white, red Reserve and Old wine spirit), Vale de Touros (Palmela D.O.C. red Old Wines Velhas Reserve Castelão, red Premium Reserve Syrah and white Reserve), Pedras Negras (white, red, licorous wine), Amus (spirit Moscatel), among other exclusive and own brands in the national and international market.
In packages ranging from 0.05 to 10L.


To transform the grapes from the associates farms into wine and moscatel, as well as to commercialize it in order to obtain the best benefits for its members and food safety for consumers.

Quality and Food Safety Policy

The Adega Cooperativa de Palmela's management area, aware of the strategic relevance that customers and consumers have for its business, through the purchase and consumption of the products and services it provides, the context of the organization and its strategic orientation, has established its Quality Policy based on the following principles:

• To satisfy the customers needs and expectations;
• The production of wine and safe derivatives, through hazard control and continuous evaluation of suppliers until placing them on the marketing channels;
• Compliance with applicable and contractual legal requirements;
• Development of employees' skills, through education, continuous training or experience, and ethical and social responsible behaviors;
• To develop an internal collective spirit of environment preservation, and of environmental, social and economic sustainability;
• Continuous improvement of the products supplied and quality management system efficiency implemented and periodically reviewed, of the production processes and product safety.

Environmental Policy and Professional Ethics

The Basic Principles of our Environmental Policy are::

- Commitment to continuous improvement and pollution prevention.
- Commitment to comply with applicable legal requirements and other requirements that the cooperative subscribes regarding its environmental aspects.

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The company's culture is based on eight fundamental values:

- Commitment to customers
Listening and responding to customers concerns and needs, offering wines and derivatives of high quality standard, privileging a direct personalized relationship with customers and an indirect institutional relationship with consumers.

- Integrity and Trust
Honor commitments and act with total transparency, honesty and trust.

- Generate Value
Production of wines and safe derivatives in order to provide satisfaction and food security for customers and consumers, associates, employees, partners and society, ensuring the creation and sustainable generation of value for different interested parties.

- Quality and Food Safety
Promote the improvement of the offered products, developing the best solutions, satisfying the expectations of our customers and consumers, associates, employees and partners, learning from mistakes and developing skills and good practices in the area of food quality and safety, in order to guarantee excellence in the final result.

- Culture, Teamwork, Communication
Promote team work, attention to detail, individual responsibility, initiative, confidence, dynamism, adaptability, commitment to profitable and continuous growth of the company, solidarity and communication, raising participation levels between everyone.

- Valorization of Human Capital
To invest in personal and professional development of human capital, in its physical and psychological well-being, capitalizing all the knowledge created in an important source of information and differentiation for all.

- Social and Environmental Responsibility
Respect national and international laws and conventions. Respect the well-being and future of the community where we operate. Build connections with customers, communities, regulatory authorities and being open to different ideas and cultures. Promote an active spirit of citizenship and social and environmental responsibility.

- Performance and ensuring the future
To achieve the best indicators in a continuous and stable way in order to fulfill our mission, ensuring the present and sustaining our future development.